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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Free Clothing Planner: Organize your Wardrobe

Introducing Our Free Clothing Planner

Need to save time and money? Organizing your wardrobe with a clothing planner is one easy way to do both. You don't have to hire a stylist or spend money on expensive closet organizers. Curvalicious has the solution when it comes to wardrobe organizing. Check out our free clothing planner:


1. Print out the free clothing planner, courtesy of Curvalicious and Living Large. The free clothing planner looks best printed in color, but will be just as functional in black and white and help you organize your closet while choosing outfits that flatter you.

2. Find a binder, clipboard, or stapler. Our free clothing planner looks best in a three ring binder. If you use sheet-protectors, you can insert each page of the clothing planner into the sleeves and use a dry-erase pen to write down your outfits and change them at any time without hassle. If you want to use a three-hole punch, however, the pages will work just as well, and if you make a mistake, you can just print out a new clothing planner. Some women find it more convenient to store their clothing planner in a clip-board they keep in the closet for easy organization and updating. Failing that, use a plain old stapler to keep the pages of your clothing planner together.

3. Spend fifteen minutes a day building outfits. Go into your closet and start organizing. Write down outfits you've built in your clothing planner until all the boxes are filled. This slow and steady process will help you learn which clothes you need to buy and what garments you can sell or give away. Once you're done filling out your clothing planner, you'll be prepared for any event with just a glance!


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